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While recognizing the important role of servicing and uptime of critical operational production equipment in a manufacturing or distribution environment -- We have extensive experience working with organizations within the industrial sector including manufacturing facilities, distribution centers and warehouses. Our commitment is to provide our expertise in process improvement, preventive maintenance, equipment replacement planning and asset management partnerships. Our customers have confidence that we will manage and produce in this environment. We utilize the latest best practices in advanced technology solutions to optimize and increase your productivity while reducing your operating expenses.

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With the implementation of our energy solutions, we are ever increasing our customers' bottom line. Our solutions are deployed through a value based approach where the ROI on energy and operational savings drive project justification.

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For the Capacity Energy Efficiency Program with Emergent Energy Solutions - We partner with contractors and building owners who have completed energy efficiency projects and offer them the opportunity to participate in the Capacity Energy Efficiency Program. These energy efficiency projects are recognized by PJM as capacity resources and can be bid into PJM’s capacity market. PJM Interconnection operates the wholesale market for electricity in thirteen states and the District of Columbia. (Please visit PJM for more info.)

EES compensates our contractors and building owner partners based on PJM’s capacity market auction results, and so provides a means for owners to receive additional payments for energy efficiency improvements they’ve already completed. The energy efficiency credit dollars will vary by a project’s overall impact on the electrical grid’s peak demand (KW) period. Typically the PJM credits will be about 30% of any available rebates from your local utility.

EES aggregates many smaller and intermediate projects, to achieve a scale that makes participating in the wholesale capacity market possible for all.

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There are many local and national resources and organizations that can provide guidance on how to be more efficient. These are some of them we'd like to share with you.

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