Fore. Ace.

10th & 11th Annual Golf Outing



Year 2015 - 2016

Lake Luzerne is a small lake community near the Adirondacks in upstate NY. Each year, the large extended family of the late Dr. Peter McGuinn gather at this community and descend to the local golf course for their annual summer tournament. This has long been a tradition for the past several years.

I was commissioned for the past two consecutive years to design the logo for their family event. The requirement was to work with similar wording as years past and at most one or two colors. My goal was to keep the design fresh, modern, and cohesive under such constraints. I decided to incorporate elements of the lake community and golf to help balance the design with the wording. Finally, the end-use of the logo was its placement onto what the family referred to as 'swag' — given out to each player during the tournament.

2015 Golf Ball

2015 Mug

2015 T-shirt

2016 Golf Ball

2016 Tote

2016 T-shirt