Ngage Project

So far this month, I’ve been busy working on a very interesting and different kind project. As I have toiled on the branding, UX and UI product designs for an up and coming app called ‘NGAGE’. It’s actually been very exciting to get this off the ground since its original concept, but it is far from finished.

Most of the UI and user journeys have been mapped out and the prototyping phase has just begun. InVision has been pretty easy to use, but I’ve actually started fiddling with Adobe Experience Design. Which is Adobe’s newest entry into the growing UI/Prototyping design software marketplace against the likes of Sketch / InVision / Axure, which has a moderate but growing marketshare. So far I actually like it a lot, and many of the features and tools are very intuitive and minimal enough to get the job done. Which similarly to InVision, has a low learning curve.

On top of that I also helped to design and develop the soft launch for the app website as well, to get user feedback and build buzz around the upcoming product. Both of which incorporate similarities in color scheme and aesthetics to connect users with the branding.

After this I can definitely say, both product and mobile web design are transferrable and interchangeable skill sets that work in sync. I’ll add more to this post or write a new at some point to elaborate more about the process in depth. But in the meantime…

Check it out in my works section!

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