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Emergent Energy Solutions (EES)

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Emergent Energy Solutions is a multi-faceted company that innovates and delivers emerging energy services and solutions throughout various levels of the manufacturing and corporate sectors. Its primary operations are East-Coast based.

UX Target
The cohesive function, look, and feel of the website is targeted toward a demographic who works in manufacturing and corporate, that are middle-aged, and mostly hail from project management and/or engineering backgrounds. They prefer to see steps and processes, as they tend to be more analytical. Additionally, they prefer to have information readily available as technical details concern them due to timeline/budget planning and constraints.

Identity / UI / Navigation
The design and development goal for this website was to make it mobile friendly while modernizing its appearance for the 21st century. The logo was redesigned from the ground-up with a flat and dynamic feel, giving the notion that the company is forward thinking. Additionally, the hidden symbolism easily reveals to the audience that its core business strategies are tied to the energy industry. Each page has a consistent look and feel – utilizing the same typefaces in order to maintain brand integrity, utilizing navigational iconography, and focusing on objective based photography. Overall, this helps to encapsulate and convey key business points as well to the customer for better understanding of its operations.

The website's previous incarnation had a fixed display — meaning it wasn't responsive/adaptable for different viewing devices. The UI and navigation was simplified to promote user friendliness and accessibility for the customer. The overall redesign incorporates a flat design and is also reponsive now - future proofing it for mobile devices. The website utilizes HTML, CSS, and jQuery technologies.

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