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NGAGE is an up and coming mobile app that enables users to categorize, organize, filter, take notes, and communicate with their every other day connections. Allowing them to create their own circle of individuals whom offer quality services and goods, yet doesn't wallow in the common irritations of social networking.

UX Target
The form, function, and specific aesthetic feel of the website is targeted toward the 20-30 something age group and particularly women. Its purpose is to inform the audience the niche market for this specialized product, including its capabilities. As so, it is catered to their specific underlying need to organize and simplify their most frequented connections. Particularly in today's world with the speedy turnaround in the competitive services industry.

Identity / UI / Navigation / Iconography
The design and development goal for this project was to establish the logo and website with a modest appearance and simplified hierarchy of information flow. The website's main objective is to market and advertise the product, especially its capabilities. The color themes also needed to stay consistent with the app itself, in order to maintain a cohesive branding identity across all areas. The logo needed to be simple, legible as an 'N', and serve as a symbol for network link, and lastly as a suitable icon for the app itself. As the name of the product pronounces similarly to the word 'engage', it can be thought of as a verb. Because of that, it was of high importance to have the tagline be a continuation of that dialogue in the form of an exciting action. Yet at the same time, describe the product itself in as few words as possible. This in turn enables the audience to make a quick general hypothesis about the product, before learning more.

The iconography embodies each individual feature and selling point of the product, while making it easy for the average consumer to comprehend through its simple form. The color consistency matches similarly to the app's color theme – keeping it in line with product association. The website utilizes HTML, CSS, and Javascript technologies.

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