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PRSM Photography is a small independent studio that specializes in still-life, portrait-subjects, landscape, and wildlife photographs. Its craft is as much a hobby as it is a business.

UX Target
The form, function, and high-end aesthetic feel of the website is targeted toward industry peers. Whose demographics tend to be millenials, hip, chic, artistic, have sophisticated tastes, and are technologically inclined.

Identity / UI / Navigation
The design and development goal for this project was to establish the logo and website with an overall minimalist appearance in order to give it a clean and edgy feel (echoing a similar sentiment about the professional photography industry). The logo needed to be simple, uniform, playful, and easy to read from left-right to top-down. This helps to express the notion of how photographers interact with their subjects and how art interacts with their viewer by encouraging eye movement through the viewers gaze.

The fluid interactive navigation process includes icons and panels, all of which are consistent throughout all works ranging from thumbnails, to large format, to slideshow views. The mobile and desktop versions needed to be both dynamic and similar, yet distinct. The two distinct versions of the site aim to recognize the limitations and maximum potential of varying screen sizes to create the best possible experience for the end-user in mind. At the same time, the similarities help foster brand recognition. The website utilizes HTML, CSS, and Javascript technologies.

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